What’s this all about then?

The aim of this blog is to pull together practical information and ideas for comrades wanting to deal with allegations of abuse & internal conflict as ethically and effectively as possible. This is so that when we’re faced with a complex case of infighting, or a straightforward but serious allegation of abuse, we can learn from each other rather than starting from scratch each time. I hope that this will ultimately help us work more effectively against domination, both in our collectives and outside them.

What it isn’t

This blog focuses on pragmatic ideas for dealing with internal group issues. They are just ideas, not magic formulas – they may work for some groups and not for others. Take bits, edit them, or ignore them completely. The most dangerous attitude to dealing with conflict is a dogmatic one.

Why (A)legal?

The French anarchist and individualist Emile Armand, in a letter in defence of illegalists (anarchists who used crime and banditry for the struggle & survival), referred to himself not as illegal, but alegal. I see it as cutting out the law as we know it from our lives and creating libertarian cultures with very different approaches to dealing with social problems.

Who are you?

A couple of anarchists in the UK who’ve seen & participated in too many internal conflicts…


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